The Tunes Company

The Tunes Company, founded in 1996, has saved hundreds of thousands (and still counting) of albums from being thrown away. We couldn't stand the thought of all those memories and great labels just being tossed.

After 11 months of trial and a lot of error, we devised a method to cleanly cut the label from the center of the album. Voila! We found that after the label was freed from all that black vinyl, it developed a powerful personality. The first product we decided to make from these cool labels was coasters. Waterproof-sprayed, smooth edge, with a cork backing (as coasters should have).

We've now shipped many thousands of these unique coasters throughout the world. The coasters have made their way to some very famous people like one of the members of a pretty famous band from Liverpool!

Now what to do with all the "vinyl donuts" we've created? Next item - Album Cover Wall Clocks. We found that cutting the square album cover into a 12 inch round to match the vinyl remains, created quite a remarkable look and kept the cut records out of the landfill!

Now the wall clocks are adorning walls in many times zones across the world. The Album Cover Wall clocks have now taken over as our #1 best selling item!

And if you don't find what you are looking for in our expansive catalog, we take requests and will custom-make one for you.